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          Academic Program


          At Flatiron’s Elementary School, we see each student as gift from God with unique personalities, gifts, and challenges. Together, we strive to meet the educational needs of each of our students by providing a safe, Christ-centered environment and an academic program designed to inspire a love of the Truth while developing a firm foundation of knowledge and skills to develop lifelong learners and worshipers.

          Core Curriculum

          Through core instruction, students investigate and master foundational knowledge and skills to prepare them for success as they develop and move to more advanced study and application in our Secondary School.


          Areas of foundational knowledge and skills:

          Biblical Literacy, Literature, Vocabulary, Composition, Spelling, Handwriting, Mathematics, Science, History & Geography


          Through a variety of researched-based curriculum resources and best-practices, teachers pay special attention to each student’s growth in literacy skills and mathematics and seek to challenge, support, and enrich so that each student can reach his or her God-given potential.


          In addition to our core academic curriculum, students experience the joy and beauty of aesthetics, music, and physical activity through our daily specials.

          • Art Class

          • Music Class

          • Physical Education


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