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          Tuition Credit

          Scrip Program

          Flatirons Academy works in conjunction with Great Lakes Scrip to provide the option of purchasing gift cards for numerous retailers with a portion of those purchases benefiting Flatirons. While many rebate programs solely benefit the sponsoring organization, a portion of the rebates earned through the Flatirons program are credited back to families. For additional information, click on the links below:

          If you have any questions about the Scrip, please contact Sandy Elvington at sandyelvington@comcast.net or 303-659-7285.

          Scrip INstructions

          Enroll Online with Scrip to Begin Purchasing Now  or Purchase Scrip through the Flatirons Academy Office:

          1. Download a Scrip Order Form Here

          2. Submit the completed form with a check to the school office.

          3. Pick-up your order the following week.

          Orders are placed every Friday and filled by the following Wednesday

          Scrip is a proven method of generating rebates through common purchases from your favorite stores, restaurants and service providers. With Scrip, you'll have significant opportunities to generate earned rebate credit.

          Program Terms & Conditions

          Earned Rebates

          When families make purchases using Great Lakes Scrip, a percentage of the purchase is paid to Flatirons Academy as an earned rebate. 20% of those earned rebates are retained by Flatirons as administrative fees. 80% of the earned rebates are passed on to the individual families as an earned rebate credit.

          20% of earned rebates= earned rebate administrative fees

          80% of earned rebate = earned rebate credit

          Three Options

          1) Apply earned rebate credit directly to tuition

          The total earned rebate credit at the end of each semester will be issued as a tuition credit in the upcoming semester. If a family chooses to prepay tuition,  and the earned rebate credit is in excess of $200, it will be provided back to the family as a cash payment (Option 2) unless the family designates it as a charitable contribution to the school (Option 3).

          2) Receive earned rebate credit as a cash payment

          The total earned rebate credit at the end of each semester will be paid via check following the end of the semester.

          3) Contribute earned rebate credit to Flatirons Academy

          The total earned rebate at the end of each semester will be applied as a charitable contribution following the end of the semester.

          Earned Rebate Cycles

          The school will calculate earned rebates twice each year, and apply earned rebate credits near the end of each academic semester. Earned rebate credits accumulated from May-November* will be applied after January first according to the selected option. Earned rebate credits accumulated from December-April* will be applied after June first according to the selected option.

          *The exact closing date for accumulating earned rebates each semester will vary depending on when Scrip reports data to the school.

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